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Zuzak GRC Report; Wed., Feb. 01, 2006

(1) Federal Election, Jan. 23, 2006:  We were pleased to see Anne McLellan defeated here in Edmonton, and Andrew Telegdi and Borys Wrzesnewskyj re-elected down East. Unfortunately, Walt Lastewka, Jurij Klufas and several other Ukrainian-origin candidates lost. Also unfortunate is that some of the "bad guys" -- Volpe, Cotler, Coderre, Robillard -- are still around and Michael Ignatieff was elected.

Although I view the election of a minority Conservative government as a positive development, the Ukrainian community must not be complacent. Remember that upon election, Joe Clark was going to move the Canadian Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Brian Mulroney's election in the fall of 1984 got us the Deschenes Commission. Jean Chretien's election in 1993 resulted in the d&d policy. What can we expect from the election of Stephen Harper? 

It is especially important that the Ukrainian community support the recommendations on citizenship promoted by Andrew Telegdi in CIMM Reports 10 and 12 (pdf files) as archived at

(2) CJC 2006 Election Issues: A 34-page brief prepared by the Canada-Israel Committee and the Canadian Jewish Congress was assiduously promoted during the election campaign via in-camera meetings with the various candidates. A copy is archived as a pdf file at
Many of the proposals in this document are simply unacceptable.

In a section titled “Citizenship Revocation” (p.29), the CJC insists that the Canadian government maintain its discredited d&d policy and, in particular, the “CJC unequivocally rejects the recommendation to raise the burden of proof to the criminal standard of beyond a reasonable doubt.” 

Similarly, in a section titled “Weapons of Mass Destruction” (p.8), the document completely misrepresents the situation in the Middle East -- accusing both Iraq and Iran of possessing and/or pursuing nuclear weapons. As I have previously written at
“ IAEA inspection procedures should be able to preclude the diversion of fissile material to produce a fission bomb -- either by governments, criminal organizations or individuals. Certainly, it would be impossible to establish a nuclear weapons program.” 

(3) Furman/Skomatchuk d&d cases:  On Dec. 14, 2005, Prothonotary Martha Mylczynski ordered the trial to commence on June 05, 2006 for 20 days at the Superior Court of Justice, 59 Church Street, 4th Floor, St. Catharines, ON (excepting one day in Ottawa for the testimony of Mr. Mitch Owens). Agreed Statement of Facts, Joint Book of Documents and all experts reports are to be submitted 75 days before the hearing (i.e. March 22, 2006). Relevant expert reports from the Skomatchuk case will be carried over to the Furman case.

Presumably, Justice Hugessen will be conducting this d&d trial according to the old discredited d&d process and not according to the recommendations of the Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration in  Report 10 (see link above). 

(4) UKAR: http://www.willzuzak.ca/lp/index.html   [internal]
Since our last report, Dr. Prytulak has posted two letters to Mary Gusella on his website. On Jan. 10, 2006, he asks Ms. Gusella to explain the inconsistencies in the response of CHRC lawyer, Giacomo Vigna, to Dr. Prytulak’s “Four questions concerning the Disclosure Package”. The letter of Jan. 13, 2006 accuses Mary Gusella of “Incitement to hatred by Canadian Human Rights Commission Chief”.
http://www.willzuzak.ca/lp/chrc/outline.html   [internal]

Respectfully yours
Will Zuzak, 2006-02-01