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Government Issues Committee Report; Wed., June 02, 2004

(1) Under the new electoral boundaries, Josef Furman becomes a constituent of Edmonton – St. Albert, the present MP of which is John Williams. Deborah Grey is retiring and is transferring the d&d files to John Williams.

(2) On May 31, 2004, the Federal Court of Appeal presumably restored the citizenship of Helmut Oberlander. (See Jun. 01, 2004, Globe and Mail article appended below.) It is not clear what the ramifications are for the cases of Wasyl Odynsky and Josef Furman or on the d&d process, in general.

(3) The Ukrainian Professional Business Association of Edmonton (UPBA-Edm) is sponsoring an Election Forum, 7:00 PM, Friday, June 11, 2004, Verkhovyna Hall (St. Josaphat’s Parish), 9637 – 108 Ave., Edmonton to be attended by the general public, the ethnocultural media and aspiring candidates in the June 28, 2004 Federal election.

(4) Lubomyr Prytulak accuses the CHRC of spoliating his submissions regarding the CJC complaint against the UKAR website at
http://www.willzuzak.ca/lp/chrc/gusell07.html .

Respectfully submitted
Will Zuzak, 2004-06-02

Globe and Mail | Jun. 01, 2004 | Erin Conway-Smith
Page A10

Federal Court restores citizenship to Oberlander

The Federal Court of Appeal set aside an order by the federal cabinet yesterday which had stripped Helmut Oberlander of his Canadian citizenship.

The unanimous decision restores the citizenship of Mr. Oberlander, 80, a retired Waterloo, Ont., developer who lost his citizenship in 2001 after a court found he lied about serving as an interpreter for a Nazi death squad when he emigrated from Germany in the 1950s.

His lawyer, Eric Hafemann, said the government could still try to take leave to appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada, or the minister of citizenship could try to strip Mr. Oberlander of his citizenship again. But Mr. Hafemann said he doubts they'll do that, and added he thinks Mr. Oberlander's lengthy fight through the courts could be over.