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Government Issues Committee Report; Wed., May 05, 2004

(1) The “Notice in Respect of Revocation of Citizenship” of Josef Furman dated November 13, 2003 was signed by Denis Coderre. The Statement of Defence of Mr. Furman prepared by Eric Hafemann is dated March 29, 2004 and was presumably filed with the Court shortly thereafter.

(2) On April 15, 2004, Marco Levytsky, Taras Podilsky and Will Zuzak met with Edmonton Centre-East MP Peter Goldring to discuss the d&d issue and the Furman case. Mr. Goldring said he would consider the situation and may produce a brochure similar to the one he created on the Wasyl Odynsky case.

(3) On Apr. 22, 2004, followup Emails on the d&d issue were sent to Peter Goldring (appended below) and Deborah Grey with specific reference to the culpability of Anne McLellan and Irwin Cotler.

(4) Letters to Paul Martin from Lubomyr Prytulak on the Deschenes Commission Witch Hunt (Apr. 27, 2004) and comparison of British-Amercan war crimes with Ukrainian war crimes (May 02, 2004) have been archived on Dr. Prytulak’s website at http://www.willzuzak.ca/lp/index.html .

Respectfully submitted
Will Zuzak, 2004-05-05

Date: April 22, 2004

Dear Peter Goldring:

Thank you for meeting with Marco Levytsky, Taras Podilsky and myself on Thursday, April 15, 2004 concerning the denaturalization and deportation process especially as it relates to Josef Furman. We continue to urge you and the Conservative Party of Canada to bring this issue up in Parliament.

There are two pieces of information that I wish to bring to your attention, since it has political implications relating to Anne McLellan and Irwin Cotler.

Anne McLellan Connection:
The transcripts of Meeting #004 of the Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration, March 24, 2004 are now posted at http://www.parl.ca/ . I specifically extracted the testimony and questions of Andrew Telegdi with regards to the d&d issue. This html file is archived on my web site at
http://www.willzuzak.ca/tp/furman/furmanintro.html and is attached to this Email as CIMM20040324Telegdi.html.

Allow me to reproduce a comment that I inserted:
Andrew Telegdi asks the Deputy Minister Michel Dorais, who made the decision to appeal the Jan. 06, 2004 ruling by Justice Reilly that he had jurisdiction to examine the legality of the revocation process in the Oberlander case, since both Justice Minister Irwin Cotler and Citizenship and Immigration Minister Judy Sgro claim that they did not.

Mr. Dorais does not answer the question, but states that the war crime program is now the responsibility of the Canada Border Services Agency. Below, Mr. Dorais insists that he did not make the decision
and that the question should be addressed to the government.

Canada Border Services Agency is now a division of the Department of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness under the jurisdiction of its Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Anne McLellan; Tel: (613)991-2924. The Deputy Minister of this Department is Margaret Bloodworth; Tel: (613)993-2596.

The implication is that it was Anne McLellan who made the decision to appeal Justice Robert Reilly's ruling concerning the Oberlander case. Presumably, Anne McLellan is now responsible for the d&d process and pushing the Furman case here in Edmonton. To my mind, that would be a good question to ask in Parliament.

Irwin Cotler Connection:
Irwin Cotler has been obsessed with "Nazi war criminals" for most of his life. As lead counsel for the Canadian Jewish Congress at the Deschenes Commission hearings in 1985-86, he was a strong proponent of Canada following the lead of the Office of Special Investigations in the United States to denaturalize and deport alleged Nazi war criminals.

After John Demjanjuk was exonerated by the Israeli Supreme Court and Israeli courts ruled that he could not be charged with other war crimes, such that he must be allowed to return home to the United States, Mr. Cotler was recorded on CBC television in September 1993 screaming that he would pursue John Demjanjuk to the ends of the earth. Certainly not an acceptable position for an alleged human rights activist.

In the Jerusalem Post, Jan. 02, 1989, Ernie Meyer quotes Mr. Cotler as follows: "My reply to that one is that unless we prosecute individuals, some people will say that since there are no criminals, there were no crimes, and therefore no Holocaust. Every time we bring a Nazi war criminal to justice we strike a blow against the Holocaust-deniers."

Similarly, in the Toronto Star, Jan. 21, 1992, Peter Small quotes Mr. Cotler as follows: "Each time we bring a war criminal to justice we strike a blow against the Holocaust denial movement."

In other words, Mr. Cotler admits pursuing old, decrepit and defenseless men from the WWII era not in the interests of justice, but to "strike a blow" against Holocaust-deniers and the Holocaust denial movement. What is worse, he brings Canada’s justice system into disrepute by utilizing the d&d process, which fraudulently equates alleged immigration infractions with war criminality.

Once again, I urge you and the Conservative Party of Canada to bring up these questions in Parliament.

Respectfully yours,
Will Zuzak

CC: Marco Levytsky
Taras Podilsky