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Government Issues Committee Report; Wed., Nov. 05, 2003

(1) The USRA Banquet on Oct. 18, 2003, featuring guest speaker Olya Odynsky on “Revocation of Canadian Citizenship” was highly successful. Olya spoke very eloquently on the problems associated with the d&d process, Bill C-18 and the case of her father, Wasyl Odynsky, and responded to written questions. The topic and she were introduced and thanked by Eugene Harasymiw, Will Zuzak and Luba Feduschak respectively. Of the 180 people in attendance, there were several politicians, community leaders and representatives from the Muslim, German and other ethnic communities.

(2) At present, there are no meetings scheduled by the Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration on Bill C-18. We continue to monitor the issue.

(3) The recent news media coverage of torture of Canadians in Syria and Saudi Arabia, and secret trials associated with security certificates in attempts to deport immigrants, highlight the dangers of the revocation provisions in Bill C-18.

(4) The recent book “The Natashas” by Victor Malarek is devastating in its criticism of certain countries promoting and/or condoning the “sexual slave trade” of young girls from Eastern Europe. We recommend that UCC-APC develop a plan to highlight this issue amongst the general population, as well as amongst community and political leaders in Alberta.

Respectfully submitted
Will Zuzak, 2003-11-05