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Government Issues Committee Report; Wed., May 07, 2003

(1) UCC-APC sponsored a table of 8 ($120.00) for the Human Rights Breakfast (10:00 a.m., Sat., Apr. 12, 2003; Holiday Inn Express, Edmonton) hosted by the Edmonton Multicultural Society. Andrew Telegdi introduced noted criminal lawyer, Brian Beresh, who spoke about our eroding rights and freedoms and about Bill C-18.

(2) In April 2003, the Bill Pidruchney Campaign has sent informational material on Bill C-18 to
- the Governor-General/ Lt. Governors, Attorneys General of Canada/Provinces, Federal/Provincial Courts,
- over 400 Canadian newspapers and organizations (2-page brochure via Email and fax),
- all Members of Parliament and Senators (4-page letter distributed in House of Commons).

(3) UCC-APC attended a meeting with Ihor Lossowskyi, Consulate General of Ukraine in Toronto (10:00 a.m., Thu., May 01, 2003; Chateau Louis, Edmonton) to discuss issues affecting the Ukrainian community in Alberta.

(4) UCC-APC sponsored a meeting with the Heritage Minister Sheila Copps (5:30 p.m., Sun., May 04, 2003; Ukr. Museum 9543-110 Ave., Edmonton) at which she highlighted her role on behalf of multiculturalism and responded to questions on Wasyl Odynsky/ Helmut Oberlander and Bill C-18.

(5) A Toronto Sun, May 05, 2003, Peter Worthington article titled “Deportations Defy Justice”, as well as other material, has been archived on my website:

Respectfully submitted
Will Zuzak, 2003-05-07