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Government Issues Committee Report; Wed., March 05, 2003

(1) Eugene Harasymiw representing USRL, Catherine Chichak and Bohdan Klid representing UCC-APC, Will Zuzak as a private individual and Bill Pidruchney as a private individual made submissions to the Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration on Friday, Feb. 14, 2003 at the Coast Terrace Inn, 4440 Gateway Blvd., Edmonton, AB on the revocation provisions in Bill C-18, the proposed Citizenship of Canada Act.

Mr. Harasymiw treated the issue from the legal perspective, Mrs. Chichak and Dr. Klid from the philosophical and historical perspectives and Dr. Zuzak from the (politically incorrect) perspective that the d&d provisions in Bill C-18 reflect the agenda of the Holocaust Industry rather than the views of Canadians via their elected representatives in Meeting #33.

Mr. Pidruchney argued very persuasively that citizenship is a STATUS, which, once given, cannot be revoked under any circumstances in Meeting #35.

(2) These submissions, as well as those of Olya Odynsky, Myron Petriw of UCC-BC and Eugene Czolij of UCC-HQ are archived at
via the C-18 Hearings link.

Also archived there, via the Wasyl Odynsky (Oberlander) link, are selected transcripts relevant to d&d from meetings 6, 10, 12, 13, 14, 15 and 16.

(3) The Parliamentary website indicates that the next meeting #49, scheduled for March 18, 2003, will include a presentation from retired Justice Roger Salhany on the d&d issue and Privacy Commissioner, George Radwanski on the National Identity Card issue.

(4) Bill Pidruchney, Olya Odynsky and Ostap Skrypnik encourage us to continue informing Dennis Coderre, our MPs, the news media and Ukrainian and ethnic organizations of our views on Bill C-18.

(5) The Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration invited us to make a submission on the National Identity Card issue. Do we want to respond?

Respectfully submitted
Will Zuzak, 2003-03-05