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Government Issues Committee Report; Wed., December 04, 2002

(1) While phoning several hundred people to encourage them to attend the Nov. 21, 2002, Hetman Awards Banquet, Will Zuzak took the opportunity to discuss the d&d issue and encourage them to sign the Enough is Enough postcards. The Knights of Columbus accepted 300 (100 x 3) cards to be distributed to their membership.

(2) Paul Grod hosted a teleconference with members of the UCC Justice Committee on Nov. 12, 2002. Under discussion were the contents of Bill C-18, the newly proposed Citizenship of Canada Act, and the Goss Gilroy evaluation dated September 2001 of Canada’s War Crimes program.

(3) First reading of Bill C-18 occurred on Oct. 31, 2002; parliamentary discussion took place on Nov. 07-08; and second reading on Nov. 08, 2002. The Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration has held 12 private and public hearings in Ottawa by Dec. 05, 2002.

(4) The Committee is proposing that public hearings on Bill C-18 be held in various urban centres across Canada in late January – early February, 2003. We suggest that UCC-APC make a submission. A draft letter in Word 6.0/95 format to the Clerk of the Standing Committee, William Farrell, expressing our desire to make a submission is attached.

(5) Many items relevant to Bill C-18 are archived at

Respectfully submitted
Will Zuzak

[W.Z. 2012.08.13:  See meetings No. 006; Nov. 21, 2002 to No. 068; June 10, 2003 therein; and, especially, summaries CIMM054, CIMM062 and CIMM068.]