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Government Issues Committee Report; Wed., November 06, 2002

(1) Will Zuzak composed a draft letter to Eugene Czolij commending the UCC press release of Oct 01, 2002 on d&d and encouraging him to press the issue within the Ukrainian community and the general public. Unfortunately, it has not, as yet, been sent out.

(2) The Oct. 02 – 15, 2002, issue of the Ukrainian News contains a stinging editorial by Marco Levytsky accusing the national media (in particular, the National Post and the Toronto Star) of running a disinformation campaign. These perpetrators of the “Big Lie” deliberately refer to people like Wasyl Odynsky and Helmut Oberlander as mass murders and war criminals, when the courts have specifically exonerated them of such charges.

(3) On Oct. 31, 2002, Bill C-18, dealing with the denaturalization and deportation issue, passed first reading in parliament. Andrew Telegdi issued a positive press release on this legislation; Peter Worthington wrote a positive article in the Toronto Sun.

Paul Grod and the UCC Justice Committee are examining this legislation and will be making appropriate recommendations. A teleconference is planned for the near future.

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Respectfully submitted
Will Zuzak