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Government Issues Committee Report; Wed., September 04, 2002

(1) A total of 444 + 199 = 643 “Enough is Enough” postcards protesting the d&d process addressed to Jean Chretien, Denis Coderre and MPs were distributed on August 11, 2002 (Ukrainian Day, Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village, 50 km east of Edmonton) and August 25, 2002 (Ukrainain Independence Day, Ukrainian Youth Centre, 97 St. – 153 Ave., Edmonton).

Also distributed were cover sheets explaining the d&d issue and Peter Goldring’s brochure titled “Wasyl Odynsky – 50 years of upstanding citizenship erased ‘On Balance’”. [A slightly abridged version of Mr. Goldring’s brochure appeared in the Sept. 02, 2002 issue of the Report Newsmagazine titled “If you really value freedom and justice, now would be a good time to prove it”.]

This material has been archived at

(2) A copy of my report on our meeting with David Kilgour, MP Edmonton Southeast, July 19, 2002 was sent to Mr. Kilgour via his assistant Sukheir Lalli for feedback. There has been no response.

The Policy Advisor for Mr. Kilgour, contacted Catherine Chichak and me concerning information for a letter Mr. Kilgour intended to send to Don Boudria concerning the Odynsky case on August 26, 2002.

(3) On August 12, 2002, the policy advisor for James Rajotte, MP Edmonton Southwest, forwarded me a copy of a letter from Mr. Rajotte to Diane Ablonczy urging her to take a public stand on the specific case of Wasyl Odynsky, rather than limiting herself just to the policy considerations of the d&d issue.

My position is that, as the Official Opposition, the Canadian Alliance has a responsibility to raise this issue in Parliament.

Respectfully submitted
Will Zuzak