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Government Issues Committee Report; Wed., August 07, 2002

(1) Upon consultation with Sophie Cormier, Policy Advisor to Don Boudria, a final version of our report on the June 29, 2002 meeting with Mr. Boudria was prepared. It is attached as a Word 6.0/95 document zuzak2002boudriaFinal.doc. Ms. Cormier requested that this document not be archived on my web site. 

(2) Catherine Chichak, Marco Levytsky and Will Zuzak had a luncheon meeting (12:00 – 1:30 p.m.) with David Kilgour, Liberal MP Edmonton Southeast, at David’s Restaurant on Friday, July 19, 2002 to discuss d&d and other issues. Mr. Kilgour was very receptive to our concerns and expressed appreciation on being kept up to date. A report on the meeting is in preparation..

(3) The proposed meeting with Diane Ablonczy, Citizenship and Immigration critic for the Canadian Alliance, still has not taken place. 

(4) Peter Goldring, Canadian Alliance MP for Edmonton Centre-East, has issued a very positive 10%er to his constituents on the proposed revocation of the citizenship of Wasyl Odynsky. It appeared in the July 24 – August 06, 2002, issue of the Ukrainian News and was submitted to the Report Newsmagazine for publication. We expect to distribute this brochure and other material during Ukrainian Day, August 11, 2002 and Independence Day celebrations August 25, 2002.

(5) During Heritage Days at Hawrelak Park, Edmonton, Aug. 3-5, 2002, we distributed all 50 NO postcards in our possession addressed to Denis Coderre protesting the d&d process, about 300 cover sheets titled “Wasyl Odynsky a victim of Denaturalization and Deportation” (attached as Wasyl Odynsky brochure.doc) and about 15 copies of a 7-page 8-article handout highlighting the Odynsky material archived at
Six people wanted to be kept up to date on the Odynsky case via Email.

(6) The proposed Alberta tour of Olya Odynsky has been placed on hold until the fall. Ludmila Sereditch is examining the feasibility of obtaining a grant to help cover the costs of a seminar on the issue.

(7) On Aug. 07, 2002, we received 3 x 1000 = 3000 postcards from Olya Odynsky titled “Enough is Enough” protesting the d&d process addressed to Jean Chretien, Denis Coderre and left blank to allow a person to send a card to an MP of his/her choosing. We expect to distribute some of these cards and other material during Ukrainian Day, August 11, 2002 and Independence Day celebrations August 25, 2002. About half will be left at the UCC-APC office to be distributed to community organizations

Respectfully submitted
Will Zuzak

Attachments in Word 6.0/95 format: zuzak20020629boudriaFinal.doc, Wasyl Odynsky brochure.doc

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