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Corruption Introduction

The release of the Panama Papers in 2015 and their subsequent publication by the ICIJ on 03Apr2016, followed by the Paradise Papers on 05Nov2017, indicates that corruption, organized crime and money laundering has become a critical issue for the societies and economies throughout the whole world. Indeed, it is claimed that Vladimir Putin's regime has transformed the Russian Federation into a criminal Mafia state with Mr. Putin as the godfather. Many other regimes throghout the world are following his example.

Within Ukraine, endemic corruption continues and the Oligarchs in power are obstucting legislation to establish an independent anti-corruption court.

I have decided to create a Corruption page at the bottom of the right-hand column in my WiZeus page. Since 12May2017, I have archived many articles associated with corruption in my Miscellaneous page, some of which are also listed at the bottom of this Corruption page.

In Canada, Stefan Lemieszewski has been posting articles on corruption on the mailing list Politics at Infoukes.com since 1997. In the future, I expect to archive some his articles in the Corruption page of my website.

Will Zuzak; 2017.11.17