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Book Reviews Introduction

Over the years, we have written several reviews and critiques of books that are scattered in various locations in WillZuzak.ca . We have decided to centralize access to these documents via a Book Reviews link under Issues in the right-hand-column of WiZeus. There are two recent additions:

The Holodomor Reader is a compilation by Bohdan Klid and Alexander Motyl of a vast amount of material dealing with the Holodomor. Our summary ecapsulates the contents of this book.

Nazi Empire-Building and the Holocaust in Ukraine by Wendy Lower (2005) documents the German occupation in the Zhytomyr-Vinnytsia area in Ukraine during WWII from 1941 to 1944. Ms. Lower's research clearly indicates that the intent of Hitler's drang nach Osten (drive to the East) was to provide lebensraum (living space) for the expanding German empire by colonizing Ukraine at the expense of the indigenous population. Both the intent and actions of the German occupying forces was genocidal in nature. Our summary highlights this aspect of the book and concentrates on the partisan movement -- the Ukrainian nationalist UPA versus the Soviet Red partisans directed by Stalin.

Will Zuzak; 2013.09.01